‘Salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound’ - Luke 4:19

“And this Good News of the Kingdom; will be preached throughout the whole world as a Testimony to all the nations, and then,  finally, the end will come.”

(Matthew 24:14)

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Thabo S. Mogotlane (Senior Pastor at Royalty Baptist Church); is a visionary leader, provocative thinker and motivational speaker. His mission is to empower all God’s people to fulfill their Godly purpose on earth through Jesus Christ. He is the silent but strong force that display calm in a moment of panic. He is an intellectual of note, the voice of reason whose door is always open. He is also a man of principles, an admirable attribute to most minds.

For 10 years, Ps. Thabo S. Mogotlane served as a Minister of Administration at Miracle Rock of Ages Baptist Church (Lotus Gardens, Pretoria), under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Rev. G.L. Mogoera.

Ps. Thabo S. Mogotlane is also the founder and president ThaboM Ministries, a ministry that is aimed at advancing the kingdom of God; extending a hand of help to the needy and a heart of compassion to the hurting; teaching and preaching the uncompromised Word of God to the whole world.

Ps. Thabo S. Mogotlane has been the architect of most youth structures within the Southern Africa Baptist churches down the years. He is credited with a formidable grasp of inter-denominational relations with other Christian churches  or organizations. His excellent organizational skills are widely recognized.

Ps. Thabo, the son of Rev. Hans Mohotlane, a highly respected minister of the Gospel and the founder of Regorogile Baptist Church in Thabazimbi, have touched the lives of many around South Africa and beyond through conferences, community service and humanitarian projects initiatives.

After many years in ministry, Ps. Thabo continues to be a leading voice of inspiration, and influence in the Kingdom of God.

“It’s my deepest desire for everyone to become all that God wants them to be.

I believe the best is yet to come. This is just the beginning. I appreciate everything

you are doing through your prayers and support to help us reach the world

for the glory of Jesus Christ. Continue to be a prisoner of Hope”.

Ps. Thabo S. Mogotlane