‘Salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound’ - Luke 4:19

“And this Good News of the Kingdom; will be preached throughout the whole world as a Testimony to all the nations, and then,  finally, the end will come.”

(Matthew 24:14)

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Church Administration is a gift from God. Good administration is getting others to work together. Church administration is a ministry centred on people, not techniques and paperwork.  It is an art of management, not manipulation. It requires faith in God, sensitivity, integrity, timing, administrative skills, and resourcefulness.

“So God has appointed some in the Church . . .  administrators”.  (1 Corinthians 12:28)

Effective church administration gets the bulk of the members to see the vision, grasp the vision, communicate the vision, and impart the vision to others. Failure to do so only causes chaos in your Church.

Church  administrators are leaders. They have the ability to influence people. Church administration is to place people where their strengths and/or calling are not just where there is a vacancy. Nothing is more frustrating than serving in the wrong role. It wearies the staff, the pastor, and the church members.

Our Church Administration workshop covers a variety of topics such as:

Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives;

Church Governance (Organogram, Accountability, etc.);

Church Registration (NPO, Section 21, etc.);

Policies (Financial, Sexual Harassment, Disciplinary, etc.);

Insurance (Church Building, Assets, etc.);

Music Copyrights (Sunday Worship Songs);

Forms (i.e. Membership forms, guests cards, offering envelopes, etc.);

SARS Compliance (i.e. Income Tax, Tax Exemption, PAYE, UIF, etc.);

Accounting Practices (i.e. Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Auditing, Petty Cash, Signing of Cheques, Donations, etc.);

Paid Staff and Volunteers; etc.